Why adjust the temperature throughout your entire home just to keep one room comfortable? Sound crazy? That would be like turning on every light in the house to read a book or turning on every faucet in the house to take a shower. A complete waste of time and energy!!

With new zoning systems from Honeywell and Aprialire, you no longer have to waste money to be comfortable in your home! Our home zoning systems are especially designed to allow every room in your home to be comfortable regardless of where you are. By dividing your homes ductwork in to “Zones” you are now able to have the bedrooms on one zone, the family room on another zone, and the office or the kitchen on another zone. All while being individually controlled from within the room! Eliminate the “too hot” and “too cold” spots in your home by installing a complete zoning system in your home today!!

Home Zoning SystemsHere are some other issues that can be resolved with a zoning system:

1) Comfort problems in your finished basement.
2) Comfort problems in your new additions.
3) Comfort problems in rooms with high or vaulted ceilings.
4) Comfort problems between multiple floors.
5) Comfort problems with the dreaded “last room” on ranch style homes.
6) Comfort problems with “Rec” rooms or over garage living spaces.
7) Comfort problems due to excessive glass or heat gain / loss issues.

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