Commercial & Residential Maintenance

Maintaining your heating and cooling systems is commonly overlooked in most homes today. Did you know that an air conditioning system that is dirty will not only shorten the life of the air conditioner, but can also cost 30% to 40% more to operate during the summer? Likewise, a dirty heating system can cost 20% to 50% more to operate than a clean one. Just like maintaining your car, you need to maintain your heating and air conditioning systems as well. Maintaining your commercial and residential heating and air conditioning equipment is not only vital to proper operation and efficiency, but is usually required to maintain the factory warranty that comes with your new system. Call Unique Indoor Comfort of Chicago today to schedule your heating and air conditioning maintenance.

Heating and Air Conditioning MaintenanceService Agreement Memberships

Are you too busy to schedule an appointment, or prone to putting things off? May we suggest one of our award winning service agreement memberships? With Unique Indoor Comfort of Chicago’s maintenance service agreements, we take all the guess work and risk out for you. We call you when its time to schedule your annual tune-up and we make sure your system is running at peak performance year after year.

Unique Indoor Comfort of Chicago’s service agreement benefits include:

  • Annual cleaning and inspection of your heating and/or air conditioning systems.
  • We call you when its time to service your equipment.
  • You receive priority service and piece of mind throughout the year.
  • IMMEDIATE reduced annual energy cost and increased equipment life.
  • No charge for parts or labor for breakdowns.*
  • “Same day” service on calls received by noon.
  • Discounts when you need to replace your system.
  • Less likely to have pesky and sometimes costly breakdowns during the year.

What pieces of your equipment should you have serviced every year?

Heating and Cooling MaintenanceAny piece of functioning equipment in your heating or air conditioning system may require maintenance. Here is a list of items that require servicing that you may not have thought about in the past:

  • Air Conditioners
  • Furnaces
  • Boilers
  • Humidifiers
  • Electronic Air Cleaners
  • U.V. Air Cleaners
  • Hot Water Heaters

* Call office for details

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