Ductless Air Conditioning Split Systems

Ductless Air Conditioners

Up until recent years many people with homes that have hot water or steam heat had little to no option for comfort when it came to air conditioning. Those days are long gone! Now thanks to LG and the Mitsubishi Mr. Slim products you can air condition just one room or an entire home. Need a small air conditioner to cool a server or electronics room? Ductless split systems are the answer! These units have been a quiet solution for cooling and heating problems worldwide.

Each system has two essential components; 1) an indoor air handler 2) the outdoor unit. The two units are connected to each other using a set of refrigerant lines, much like a traditional air conditioning system but without the ductwork! Most installations can be started and completed in less than one day with virtually no damage or reconstruction costs.

Nowhere to install duct work or large equipment? A ductless split system simply mounts to any wall and that is it! No large bulky duct work, no large noisy equipment, just a small whisper quiet unit that delivers cool comfort anywhere! The air handlers of these units can be wall-mounted, in-ceiling flush mount, ceiling mount or even appear to be a framed photo!

Ductless split systems are the perfect answer for any spot heating or cooling needs. Remodeling an older home or office and need more heating and cooling in a room, or want more heating and cooling in one room without changing the rest of the building? You can install a ductless split system anywhere in your home without reconstruction, soffits, or building out walls. They are an excellent solution for any cooling needs in your home or your office.

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